It has always been my desire to share my forex knowledge with the world.  Over the years, I have come to realize that some traders seek a little more personalized attention than what my blogs or videos offer, that is why I am expanding my services to include an exclusive one-on-one paid service tailored to meet the needs of the individual trader.

Services include but are not limited to chart reviews @ just $20.00/chart, video reviews @ just $30.00/video and personalized calls @ just $300.00USD /hour.  
If this is a service that You feel will enhance Your trading and give You that additional edge, please email me @ paid4Xtraining@yahoo.com. Please only use this email if You desire paid services, if you not please use my usual mail box or my youtube mailbox.  Thanks in advice for your understanding (^_^)!

The services that have always been free will remain free.


It has come to my attention that my guest can't leave anonymous comments on this page, so from this point, You are welcome to leave all comments in my mailbox and I will add them here so that You don't have to sign up for an account to post comments.  By the way thanks for all of You who have taken the time to share comments on Your experiences.  
Thank You (^_^) 

You're a freakin' genius gangnum style!

Thanks Trader's Friend for everything.  I have been trading forex for years and the last few weeks trading with you has changed my life.  I now trade with more discipline and confidence.  I made 30% on my account balance this week thanks to your teaching.  Working with you was well worth the investment.  We will definitely do another session soon.  Thanks again for everything

 Having TF in our home for a week has been an absolute delight.  She is kind, funny and sometimes plan silly, but she is a fabulous trader and one heck of a great teacher.  I would recommend her services to anyone, they would be a bargain at any price.  

Thank you Trader's Friend for the peace of mind and confidence I now have when I approach my charts.  I look forward to getting into the market every day, because I know that I can make money.  You are right discipline is the holy grail in the market, learning this at the beginning of my trading would have saved me 10s of thousands of dollar.  Every trader who  is serious about their success in trading needs a week with TF, it will change your trading life..........

 You cant imagine how i good I feel having u by my side.  It give me extra confidence to have u help me from this forex chaos. Its the first time I felt like a pro trader really cared about me.   After all of these years, I didn't think I was ever going to get it until you came and taught me the importance of trading a good plan with discipline.  It really feels good to know that I can do this and make a real financial difference in my family's life.  Thank you so much


 I know I can be hard headed, but I appreciate you being there to catch me when I falter.  Thanks for keeping me on track.


You keep telling me it is about discipline, but it is sooooooo hard to do it in real life, then when I am on the wrong side of the trade, I see that you are right.  The funny thing is I thought one phone call would be enough to make me the trader I need to be, but because it is so darn hard to put the discipline into practice, I find I need a booster now and then.  Thanks for being here to help me be successful, I always do better after talking with you


I feel spoiled that you devoted so much of your time in helping me become a successful trader. It is one thing to go to a seminar, but it is nothing like having a master of the art give you instructions one on one. 
I know that at times, I was stubborn and hard to work with, but I finally got it.  I feel sure that no other students have put a demand on your time like I have, but I want you to know that I am most grateful with a sincere heart.  Even though it was a struggle, working with you has changed my family's life.  Thank you again for putting up with me


First comments from below before I realized that people were forced to open an account to comment

I must say that 1 hour I spent on the phone was worth it.Simple price action trading from real genuine forex trader.I followed the rules & in the very first day of trading after the phone session I was able to get 100+ pips. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is still struggling & looking to improve trading.This is a must for beginners like me.Training made me confident that market is willing to give me opportunities as long as I am willing to wait with discipline & consistency. 


 My dear Trader's Friend... What a joy it was to be able to talk to you and get your help with my forex trading. Your personalized help seems to be just what I needed. I know we just had the session 2 days ago, but I feel like I understand the market and the game of trading much better. I am VERY grateful for your help, and I'm hopeful and excited for the future. You're an excellent teacher and you seem like a wonderful human being.